PHP 5 Support

Does Lunarpages support PHP5? How do I check whether my server supports PHP5 or not?
Yes, Lunarpages supports PHP5. To check php5 availabilty on the server:

1. Create a php file with following lines and browse it in internet:
<? phpinfo(); ?>

It should say php 5 on the top of the page.

2. Check in cPanel main page. It should list the php version.
3. Some servers are dual php4/php5. If your server is one of them, there should be an icon in cpanel which says Enable/Disable php5. Click on it and click on Add PHP5 to your account to enable php5. On dual php servers, please note that the php5 version will not be displayed on cpanel main page after you enable it as cpanel only writes a line into the public_html/.htaccess file to enable php5.

If your server does not offer php5 and you require it, please send a server move request to