MX and Other DNS Record Changes

What is an MX record?
An MX record is an entry in the domain nameservers that specify which servers will handle the mail to a specific domain name.

MX entries must be in FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name) format, such as or IP addresses cannot be used directly as an MX entry.

While you can change 1 MX record in Cpanel, changing the MX record there will not change how email from forms or scripts is handled nor will Cpanel let you make multiple MX record changes or additional DNS changes such as Cnames, A records, etc. Please email Support with requests to change DNS records. They can manually create multiple MX records, Cnames, etc. for you and point all email including from forms and scripts away to another server. They can also create an indirect MX entry for an IP address if needed.

Another benefit of opening a ticket with support to change your records is that Lunarpages will have a hard copy of the changes and it will be noted on your account which may assist us when future issues occur or your account is moved between servers.

Email with your username, last four digits of your credit card number, and the entry to be added to or changed in your DNS zone file.

Please keep in mind that custom DNS entries in our nameservers only work if your domain is using our nameservers. If your domain is pointed to other nameservers, you should make the changes in them instead.